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Push Towards Greatness….

I didn’t come this far to only come this far…

I hear some people saying things like this: “When I make it?” “When I get to the Top?” “I’ll keep working hard until I reach my Goal, Until I get to the Top.”

Let me tell you something: There’s no END. Winners Never Stop. If you reach your Goal, Set a Bigger Goal. If you get to the top of the mountain, find a bigger Mountain. It’s the Journey. The constant pursuit of growth. The constant seeking of Improvement. The Challenge. That’s what makes life Great. That’s what makes a Fulfilled Life.

I didn’t come this far to only come this far.

When I get this Goal, I’ll seek More. Not more things, More Growth constantly Pushing Myself to be Better.

I Came this Far so I could be Strong Enough to go further. So I would be Good Enough to Push Myself Harder. I’m only getting Started. This is just the beginning. I’m Proud of my Achievements but that doesn’t mean I’ll Settle for them.

Proud But Never Satisfied

Proud But Forever Hungry

Proud But Always Ready

Proud But Pushing… Pushing for More… Pushing for Great…!

A True Winner doesn’t seek only the Title.

A True Winner Seeks Growth.

A True Winner Seeks Greatness.

It’s the Journey… It’s the Challenge… The Process, that makes the Greatness. Don’t Tell me it’s Over. I’m just getting Warmed up.! 

 If the Journey Wasn’t Challenging… The Destination Wouldn’t be Rewarding….!

– Ahzam

Note To Self…

Dear you,

I know things have been difficult lately, and I’m sorry about that. When I embarked upon the blooming adult journey of life, I didn’t think it would have these many challenges embedded in it. Sure, people said “Life will be tough” and “You’ll learn with time“, but I always thought that I’d get to face those challenges with a sense of normalcy and sanity inside me. I always thought that it’s the outside that gets really tough, but every experience makes you stronger on the inside. It’s strange that people never mentioned the fact that before you get stronger, it nearly kills you. The loads of emotional turmoil, and the tears, the downfall, the disappointment and the suffering that I’d endure which would make me feel weak and so horribly helpless before I could even hope to get stronger. And even to let an experience make me stronger, it would require a certain kind of strength on the inside which I don’t know if I have.

It’s crazy, when I think of all the challenges life has already shown and the ones that are still to come my way. I’ve made mistakes, just as anyone does. And it always seems like I’m paying a greater price for it than others around me, but I know very well that it’s not true. Everyone has their fair share of challenges and yes, this is mine. There’s been a lot of tears, and a lot of grief. There’s been loss, sometimes one after the other, in one way or another. People have come, and a lot of them have gone as well, willingly or unwillingly. I’m grateful to the ones that have stayed, because they’re a part of my strength. Hell, they are my strength and I know I am theirs.

So what brings me here today in this state of humility, gratitude and inner strength is what I hope will continue to take me far, far away and keep increasing in volume and tenacity. I know that it is all I need to go on, keep doing what I need to do, focus on myself while giving all that I can to others around me as well. Today if life shows me something I haven’t seen before, I know that after all effort, heartbreak and momentary weakness, there will be light and strength to it, and I hope that it continues to make me more humble and grateful than I was the second before. After that scary grey ash cloud wears off, I know that the silver lining will be all that remains. Because that is exactly what has remained now, after the ash clouds of the past.

I will endure, suffer, adapt, change, fight, fall, resurrect, smile, and go at it again. I will keep my guns blazing, and I will ride out the night till the rays of the morning sun start smiling down at me. I will not let fear rule me, and weakness define me. I will stay put, stay strong, and stay humble.

In the end, I will be my own hero.



We fear our own greatness. What we glimpse in our most perfect moments hints at what we might become & it’s like we lack the courage to take that chance. We lack the conviction to become who we might be & yet anybody who’s over achieved anything worthwhile has stepped so radically beyond their comfort zone that we can’t help but bow in reverence, but why don’t we take their example & apply it in our own lives? Why don’t we realize that the path to transcendence is to shed our old skin?
       You know, I’ve seen this in myself, I feel like my disposition is timid. I feel like I’ve dealt with the constraints of excessive self-consciousness & fear & angst and yet in my most perfect moments. I’ve moved beyond my shell. I’ve tapped into something cliche as it sounds, Larger than myself & it’s when this happens that your greatest work emerges. You’re willing to be surprised & then you’re like “Wow”.

May be I don’t have to be as scared all the time…..

May be Everything is going to be okay…

If we could live without fear…. We’ve Won..!!!
   – Ahzam

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The wayfare from Birth to Death, Young to Aged, New to Old is the most beautiful journey ever. Inspite of all odds we learnt alot. Awakening to this journey is the treasure. It’s the only treasure, because cemeteries are not just where we bury those who’ve passed, but also where we entomb the treasures of our future….

Think, for a moment of all untapped wisdom & love. Think of all books that will never be written, Hugs that will never be given & Dreams that will never come to light. In this light, Cemetery is the most valuable place on Earth for it is here where our regrets come to rest….

Think of this when that voice in your head says you’re not good enough or convinces you to start tomorrow instead of today. Think of this when you’re holding grudge. Think of how fortunate you’re to have another day to share your gifts with the world. If for no other reason, think of this, be humbled by this, before you do things you wish….

I assure you, If you think as often as you should, you’ll never postpone another day. So think & Spend every ounce of your life in the passionate pursuit of that which moves your soul. Let your treasure be know….


Admire Yourself….

The greatest menace of life is that we started believing in temporary things instead of permanent. We believe that people will bring change but people changed themselves, which in result cause a big blow in ourselves…..

The irony of life is that we always run for people who doesn’t care about us… They don’t give a shit to that…. By the time we forgot those who actually endorse us…. 

Realize Real lies by Real Eyes…..

We chase happiness but it’s always there as it’s an inner prospective. Stop breaking your own heart by trying to make a relationship work. 

We can’t force someone to care about us. We can’t force someone to be loyal. We can’t force someone to be the person we need them to be…..

Sometimes the person we want most is the person we’re best without. We got to understand that some things are meant to happen, but not just meant to be. Some things are meant to come in our life, just not meant to stay…..

Don’t lose yourself by trying to fix what’s meant to stay broken. We can’t get the relationship we need from someone who’s not ready to give it to you. And we might not understand WHY NOW, but our future will always bring understanding of why things didn’t work out. Don’t put your happiness on hold for someone who isn’t holding on to you….

Some Chapters just have to close without closure…..

People and Change….

You know what’s really tough?
Loving people for who they’re… Not who we think they can be… But loving them exactly as they’re Today….

It’s tough because we’ve our own expectations by which we measure others. We focus so much on whether the other person is meeting our standards, then we forget to love them for being uniquely flawed & evolving just like ourselves. Perhaps at a different pace, in a different place. 

But when we actually succeed, when we love someone for who they’re, we see how quickly they transform into the greatest, most inspired version of themselves. 

You see, the truth is that we don’t know a thing about the silent Battles fought by those. We admire battles that are perhaps compensated by their very bravado we respect. We don’t see the pain hidden behind their smile. We don’t see the suffering & loss they have endured. But more importantly we don’t know what wisdom is hidden in the hearts of those who go unnoticed.

Recognizing this humanizes our role models, flattens our egos, & gives us reason to treat every person with Compassion & Kindness…..